Saturday, June 12, 2010

Water Water Everywhere!!!

This weekend Remy had a few milestone accomplishments!! The first was making pee pee on the potty! It took a few weeks of bribery but nothing was cuter than the huge smile on her face after realizing the big accomplishment!!! She gets so excited to get her Dora potty out of the closet, perch herself on top, sing a song or 2, do what she has to do, and collect her sticker! We hope to continue with the success, but don't expect a lot when her brother makes an appearance!!!

Remy also put her fears of the pool behind her today! Remy was invited to her friend Livi's 2nd birthday party at the Germantown Splash Park. Knowing very well how Remy disliked the pool last year, we weren't expecting much. Remy tore the park up!!! Running through the Sprinklers, taking out smaller children in the process!! Even losing Daddy for awhile in the maze, she was happy to get soaking wet and run through the walls of water (without losing the hot pink sunglasses!!!). It was wonderful to watch her excitement!

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