Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Beginnings

August was a fun month! We went to Philly to see friends Jeff, Jamie, and Shiloh and to see Diana and Aaron get married! We went to the MoCo fair with our friends Lex, Matt and Madeline. We also did a lot of getting ready for the fall.

As summer comes to a close the Cooperstein family is getting ready for a bunch of new beginnings. Come Monday Remy will be starting her first day of Pre-School! Remy will be attending Rockville Nursery School with her cousins Jordyn and Alex, and her friends Tyler and Livi. (Bubbie also goes there too!). We are so excited for Remy's new experiences and meeting new friends. We are praying for Remy's teachers!! Remy is a very independent girl with a bit of a bossy streak. In addition, Remy is turning into a daredevil. We have already been to the orthopedist with a finger injury and she continues to climb and jump off of everything in her path. We start gymnastics in September!

Shane will start daycare with our second family at Sue and Mike's house on Monday!! Shane just turned 2 months on 8/24. He is weighing in at 12lbs and 10oz and is 25.5 inches long. His height is off the growth charts and his pediatrician called him a string bean!! He is a pleasant baby that loves to be held! He coos at anybody who will talk to him, but you have to work a little harder and get him pretty early in the morning for a big smile. He is settling into a nice schedule and only wakes mom up 1x at night between 2-3am. We look forward to those feedings going away!

Lisa starts a new job on Monday with Montgomery County Public Schools! It will be slightly challenging to get the entire family out the door in the morning, but we know that we will settle into a routine shortly. Danny continues to successfully grow the print program and won his championship in the La Liga JCC soccer. Go Danny!

With that, we look forward to real and fantasy football, cooler weather, the jewish holidays and halloween coming up! Stay tuned for what happens next.....