Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Thrilling Threes!!!

What fun to look back on a year in blogging!! Remy turned 3 on March 8th which also wraps up our first year of blogging! We celebrated Remy's 3rd birthday in high style with a family party at our home followed by a "kids" party at Bounce U. I highlight the word "kids" because I believe there were more adults going down the giant slide than kids! Fun was had by all, and it will be a birthday we will never forget! Remy and Shane visited the pediatrician for a 3 year (Remy) and 9 month (Shane) checkup. Remy is now 41lbs and 40inches tall. Shane is a whopping 18.12lbs and 29 inches tall! That would be 24% for weight, and 75% for height. He is also in the 90% for head! So he looks like a skinny bobblehead! We were happy to report to the doctor that Remy knows her colors and shapes and can successfully play Memory on the Ipad. Shane can clap, show you "how big" he is, wave bye bye, and now give a high five.

To wrap up the month, Remy had a minor procedure to put tubes in her ears. She has had multiple ear infections since Thanksgiving, and although the doctor tried to be conservative, he felt that tubes would be the solution. Remy was a trooper to say the least! Mommy and Daddy showed her the room where the procedure would be done, she took a quick nap, and woke up asking for a pink popsicle!! We were on the playground within 24 hours.