Things Remy Said

1. "I have a headache. I have had a long day. I need to relax and watch tv." -3.5 y/o
2. "Mommy, turn down the sun! It is hurting my eyes" -3.5 y/o
3. Danny: "Sometimes I don't know how to do things." Remy: "Maybe because you have short hair."
4. "I can't drive because my arms are too short!" -3.5y/o
5. "Annie speaks Spanish" -3.5 y/o (For the record, Annie speaks Chinese!)
6. Remy points to an Indian woman with a head scarf and asks "Is she married, because she is wearing a veil." (Who taught her the word veil??) - 3.5y/o
7. Remy: "Papa is old" Lisa: "That's not nice to say." Remy: "No, Bubbie said Papa was old!"
8. Danny: Do you know what this is? Remy: I do not know!
9. "Sing, sing a song, sing it last your whole life long!" Remy 3.5y/o
10. Remy: "Mommies have boobies" Lisa: "Big girls have boobies, not just mommies" Remy: So do the Pre-K kids have boobies?" Lisa: No a little older than Pre-k. -- Remy 3 3/4 y/o
11. Remy is checking mommy's back with a stethoscope. "Mommy, your tummy is yucky. You need to drink a cup of water, then dance, then relax. That will make it better!"
12. Shane let's blow it up and make it rain.