Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Baby Boy Cooperstein

Dear Baby Boy Cooperstein,

We can't believe that we get to meet you tomorrow! Although sometimes it seems that this pregnancy took forever, it also seems like it flew by! We didn't have much time to reflect before the birth of your big sister Remy. She surprised everyone with an early entry into this world and we are so thankful and blessed that 2+ years later, she is as happy and as healthy as any toddler. With you we have taken every precaution, and to our surprise you made it to the big c-section date!! I am assuming that you will be our patient child, and Remy our impulsive one. All that we know, is that you will be active. Daddy and I love watching and feeling your intense kicks. Our favorite game is putting something on my belly (cell phone, remote, etc) and watching it bounce around to your punches and kicks.

We are so excited to meet you tomorrow morning. We are eager and nervous, as all parents, to just hear you cry. It will be a beautiful sound that we didn't get to experience with Remy. But, for the record, she is making up for it now by talking non stop, and telling people what to do.

So enjoy the last few hours in Mommy's belly. Sometimes its a big scary world, but we promise to do everything to protect you and teach you right from wrong. Not to mention that Mommy is ready to have you out! The pain, heartburn, etc etc etc is not fun, but being a parent is the best thing in the world. We are so excited to have you join our family.

Mommy, Daddy, Remy, Sammie and Coconut


  1. This is absolutely so sweet. We cannot wait to meet Baby Boy Coop!!! Sending our best wishes and prayers for a safe delivery, easy recovery and amazing life for your newest Cooperstein addition! Love, The Burgers

  2. We can't wait for you to get here either so that we can help Mommy and Daddy lug you around and let them have some much deserved quiet time and quality time with Remy. We also promise to do everything we can to protect you and teach you, but also to spoil you as we try to your big sister. We'll keep spoiling her too as much as we can!

    Love Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Steve