Thursday, June 30, 2011

One year in the books!

Dear Shane,

How has it been 1 year already!? This year has flown by so fast and yet we wish there was some way to magically slow it down! You have been such a joy this year, and although we are starting to see signs of a fiesty, independent little boy, we encourage your becoming your own person (even if that little person has temper tantrums).

Your toothy grin makes us all so happy, and your sister loves you SO much. She reminds us of this constantly. We know you love her too. When you see her you immediately smile, and she is the only one that makes you babble uncontrolably. What Mommy and Daddy love the most is how you push her away when you are done, or not in the mood for her! Its a good taste of her own medicine! We hope that you both become best friends!

Now, we have some demands:

1. Start gaining weight. You eat like a bird. At your 1 year check up you weighed 20lbs. This would be acceptable, if you didnt have a cast on your leg. (Toddlers fracture... see demand #2 below!) This makes you 15% for weight (90% for head... bobble head baby.)I now have instructions to give you carnation instant breakfast, and dip your bread in healthy olive oil. This does not mean double stuffed oreos as your sister (who was never below 90% for weight) requests. We will always be healthy, even if that means you are a string bean.

2. Be careful! As all parents know, accidents do happen. Shane, you have gotten faster, and sneakier. Just like Coconut, you are always under our feet, and now it has cost you! A minor incident has led Shane to a long leg cast for the next month. He has what is called a "Toddlers Fracture." Walking will have to wait for a month. As you can see for yourself, he is doing fine!!!!

3. Say Mama! You can say MORE, and we are pretty sure you can say DOG. Mama... seriously.... just say it!

In the meantime, we love you very much and we are so proud to be your parents. You have made the past 365 days so fun and joyous, and we look forward to the peeks, twists, and turns that the rollercoaster ride of parenthood brings!!

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where does the time go!! Shane is almost 1!

I cant believe this cute baby is about to turn 1 on Friday! Shane was 6 months old here! Look at the fuzzy hair!