Thursday, June 24, 2010


At 5:00am this morning, Lisa and Danny got up to start a big day! While getting ready, it was agreed that it felt like we were leaving for a vacation; luggage in hand, off to catch an early flight. Obviously, this was not the case.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 to begin pre-operation preparation for the caesarian section scheduled for 8:30. (This is where we let the people who participated in the poll know that we made it to the 24th!)

They started the pre-op about 40 minutes behind schedule, and were told that all of the beds are full; no room at the Inn. Good thing we had a reservation! At 8:45am, Lisa was taken to the Operating Room so they could get her set up and nicely drugged. At about 9:00, they brought Danny back to the Operating Room, and sat him on a stool next to Lisa's head. Lisa reminded the doctors not to let Danny look over the curtain barrier, for fear that he would pass out. Danny insists that he could have done the surgery.

At 9:13am, Dr. Dickman lifted Shane Aston out of Lisa, above he curtain, and into our view. He weighed in at a healthy 9 lbs 5oz, and measured 20 inches! He cried right away, which was the music to our ears that we did not get to hear when Remy was born. It was so wonderful to hear, it brought tears to our eyes.

Mommy and baby are AWESOME! Lisa will stay at Shady Grove Hospital until Sunday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Baby Boy Cooperstein

Dear Baby Boy Cooperstein,

We can't believe that we get to meet you tomorrow! Although sometimes it seems that this pregnancy took forever, it also seems like it flew by! We didn't have much time to reflect before the birth of your big sister Remy. She surprised everyone with an early entry into this world and we are so thankful and blessed that 2+ years later, she is as happy and as healthy as any toddler. With you we have taken every precaution, and to our surprise you made it to the big c-section date!! I am assuming that you will be our patient child, and Remy our impulsive one. All that we know, is that you will be active. Daddy and I love watching and feeling your intense kicks. Our favorite game is putting something on my belly (cell phone, remote, etc) and watching it bounce around to your punches and kicks.

We are so excited to meet you tomorrow morning. We are eager and nervous, as all parents, to just hear you cry. It will be a beautiful sound that we didn't get to experience with Remy. But, for the record, she is making up for it now by talking non stop, and telling people what to do.

So enjoy the last few hours in Mommy's belly. Sometimes its a big scary world, but we promise to do everything to protect you and teach you right from wrong. Not to mention that Mommy is ready to have you out! The pain, heartburn, etc etc etc is not fun, but being a parent is the best thing in the world. We are so excited to have you join our family.

Mommy, Daddy, Remy, Sammie and Coconut

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Water Water Everywhere!!!

This weekend Remy had a few milestone accomplishments!! The first was making pee pee on the potty! It took a few weeks of bribery but nothing was cuter than the huge smile on her face after realizing the big accomplishment!!! She gets so excited to get her Dora potty out of the closet, perch herself on top, sing a song or 2, do what she has to do, and collect her sticker! We hope to continue with the success, but don't expect a lot when her brother makes an appearance!!!

Remy also put her fears of the pool behind her today! Remy was invited to her friend Livi's 2nd birthday party at the Germantown Splash Park. Knowing very well how Remy disliked the pool last year, we weren't expecting much. Remy tore the park up!!! Running through the Sprinklers, taking out smaller children in the process!! Even losing Daddy for awhile in the maze, she was happy to get soaking wet and run through the walls of water (without losing the hot pink sunglasses!!!). It was wonderful to watch her excitement!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now we wait!

Yesterday we visited the OBGYN for our 36 week appointment. After a quick sonogram, we were told that the baby is probably about 7.5lbs. With another 3 weeks of growing, we are probably looking at a 9ish pound baby. Remy wasn't super impressed with the sonogram and was only concerned that she get a sticker or a lollipop at the end of the visit. Minus some lovely contractions, and feeling huge, Lisa isn't having any out of the ordinary symptoms. Looks like this kid will make it a little longer. At this point, we are entering unchartered waters with being pregnant and cant wait to see what the next 3 weeks bring us.

The picture is a profile of the chubby baby. (I know... almost impossible to see!) Hope you can make it out!!

Remy continues to fascinate us!!! Last night as we offered her juice she said "How about some chocolate milk?" What??