Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a way to end the year!!!

What a wild few months it has been!! We celebrated Thanksgiving in Lancaster PA with Bubbie and Papa, Zayda and Grandma, and Uncle Ellis and Sam. We had a lovely visit with Aunt Angie, and our great friends Marcel and Galit, Remy tried her luck at ice skating and danced in her first recital, and Lisa ran the Hot Chocolate 5k!

We started off the month of December with many birthday celebrations. What is 9 months before December, because a lot of our friends were obviously gettin busy!! We were excited to celebrate birthdays with 7 of our close friends! December also brought 2 new babies into our lives! Mazel Mazel to Diana and Aaron and Sharon and Noah on your tax exemptions!!! We love you and those squishy babies very much!!

(Shane found this while shopping for the birthday presents)

We finished the month by visiting the Zoolights and the Seneca Creek State Park light displays, and celebrating Hanukkah with our family and friends. It is wonderful to see the excitement from Remy and Shane as we lit the candles! Although Shane tried to blow them out every night, we cherish the traditions that we are instilling in our kids.

(Hanukkah on the Christmas tablecloth!)

(The ladies enjoy their Hanukkah brownie sundaes!)

Last, and certainly not least, Shane celebrated his 18 month birthday!! Shane has turned into a running, climbing, and babbling toddler! This morning he told Coco to get in the crate, and asked for a waffle with milk. He gained 5lbs since his 12 month checkup and is eating everything in sight (except for veggies). He loves to give hugs and kisses. We love his laugh and smile, but the child has a temper and isn't afraid to let you know when he is MAD! He is not so great with sharing, but loves to be silly with Remy.

(Shane and Zayda share a moment)

Finally, it was a crazy year in our house! But we are so thankful for our family, friends, careers, health, and each other! Time seems to be flying by, so we are happy to take this time of the year to remember all of the great times we had, and learn and grow from the difficult ones. We wish you all a happy and healthy new year and all of the best in 2012.

A new cousin!!

Remy and Shane were so excited to welcome a new cousin to the world! Congrats to Sharon and Noah Bank on the addition of little Olivia. We can't wait to get up to NY and meet her! Congrats to Aunt Susan, Allison, Jeff, Hailey, and Sydney on your newest toy, and on not having to do a bris!!! =)