Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shane is 1 month old!

The Cooperstein family survived Month #1 with 2 kids! Although we did this with little sleep, we are thriving!! Remy loves her little brother SO much!! She has been a very big help and has been listening as well as any 2 year old could. She enjoys pushing Shane's stroller, holding his bottle while he is feeding, and waking him up even though Mommy BEGS her not to! Shane is a good baby, although a good baby who doesn't like a schedule. Luckily we get two stretches of 3 hours of sleep at night. The rest is up in the air. He is starting to coo and likes to lie on the play mat and look/swat at the rings and toys. We can't wait until he sleeps through the night!!! =)

Lisa got a job!! Lisa will be the new Wellness Coordinator for MCPS. This is a brand new position within the county and we are very thankful and happy that this opportunity came to us! As we said in March, "When a door closes, a window opens!" Its been an interesting few months on unemployment, but the Cooperstein family has been able to learn and grow, and feel closer because of this experience. Lisa starts back to work on August 30th. This is also Remy's first day of pre-school! Remy is "excited" (clueless) about going to Bubbie's school. She will be attending with her cousin Jordyn and friend Tyler. We know she will do great even if all she wants to do is stay at home all day in her jammies!!

Danny is having a killer few months at work and has been invited to speak at a conference in Chicago! He has been in his new position as Print Manager for about 5 months and is the talk of the company (in a good way!)! We are all very proud of Danny and we know that all of his running around is for the good of our family! Go Daddy Go!