Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Day, another medical claim!

It is my job at MCPS to keep the staff healthy and, over the long term, lower health care costs! The Cooperstein family is not doing their part to help the county!!! Today, Remy tripped and fell at school into the train table!! Another crazy accident from our home! Maybe it truly is time to wrap the children in bubble wrap!

Here are some pictures from our adventure at the ER.

After what the doctor labeled a serious laceration, and having 2 nurses hold her down, Remy left with 10+ stitches. The little trooper did great, and was rewarded with not 1, but 2 hospital popsicles. Our little Van Gogh is doing great, and will NOT be getting her ears pierced any time soon!!! Thanks to Jenn and Julie from RNSNK for taking such good care of her!!

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