Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life's a Beach!!

The past few weeks have been eventful! Shane drank a lot of milk, built up some new bone, and had his cast taken off! The only restriction from the doctor... don't drop him!! So, we don't plan on dropping him and we hope that this is the last orthopedic visit for a long long long time!

We celebrated some birthdays with friends including friends Leah and Violet! We also got to share in the special baby naming of our new friend Eve. Lisa celebrated her birthday! 32 is definitely different than 22, but it was special nonetheless. We celebrated the upcoming nuptials between Steve Cooperstein and Cheryl Levine with a bridal shower and a bachelor party.

The Cooperstein family traveled to Atlantic City where we spent the weekend lounging at Zayda and Grandma's pool with good friends Brian and Hilary Sperling. We took Shane on his first trip to the beach, where he celebrated by eating the sand. Remy and Shane both protested the chilly water. It was also nice to see Marlene Kessler and the Gordon Family. After a nice family dinner, the kids were left with the grandparents, and Danny and Lisa visited the Borgata for a Bobby Flay dessert and an hour of WINNING at the roulette table!!! Lisa wrapped up her birthday weekend at the spaaaaaaaah!!!

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