Saturday, October 9, 2010

Settling in!!

Its been a little too long since we have updated, but the Coopersteins have been very busy!! Shane turned 3 months. He LOVES to talk and smile. He is an amazingly good baby and is just happy and content in every situation! He loves to babble and sleeps from 9pm-6am. A dream!

Remy LOVES school!! She loves her teachers, and her friends. Every day before we leave school we have to hug everyone. She is also doing gymnastics. Her teacher has remarked many times on her strength. Now we just need to work on her coordination. We also just went to the NICU reunion. Its always wonderful to go back to Shady Grove and see our nurses and doctors. This year we ran into our NICU friends. Their son was being operated on when Remy was on the cooling blanket. It was wonderful to see him running around and healthy.

Lisa and Danny have been running around too!!! Work is going well for Lisa and Danny is as busy as ever. We celebrated our friend Dave's 30th birthday at a big bowling bash, and we look forward to the next few week of Fall!! Enjoy our pictures!

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